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Electroneum price drop,can it rise?

Dear trader have you take part in electroneum ico.It was a greatest ico ever in the history of cryptocurrency.What we see the person who have not purchase Bitcoin but they take part in electroneum ico.Why so hype created and how? It is the output of great marketing stratergy
This does not meant that coin does not have potential it has the great,but effect of it you cant see
in nearby future.So I will say untill and unless mass adoption is there its price will not go up.
Now the whole crypto industry is just half or one third.and ultimately all the altcoins dump a lot,
but they manage to maintain the rank.This case is not for electroneum.Its rank going down and down
Initially when the coin is launch it gives very good profit it is 5x to 7x.But what the people expecting
it should be 1$, some stupid you tuber saying 1000$.And it never happen with any coin.
What the mistake etn team done their coin traded in a small exchange,and there are a lot of problem with cryptopia.Later it will list in Kucoin but the market at that time is bearish,which nullify the effect.
They launch the mobile miner app is in bearish market,I have the app and it is very good.One should collect the as much as coin by this app.When the market is bullish,definitely its price increases.We can say in a span of 6month if it get listed on binance and hitbtc.We can see its price up to 1$.


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