This is misconception in mind that work from home is for lazy people.Those who can not earn good from offline world prefers to work online to the dumb task like data entry job.But my opinion is differ from this.Any work you choose for your work from home task.It needs hard work and creativity.Take example of any type work say data entry work,ad posting work,online survey,sms sending job,ppc like google AdSense.

If your niche is home based job then its a perfect niche to earn money through google AdSense.When any one search a website from where they can get a online work say data entry job.They are searching and not aware of google ads.It is obvious that  you get a more click as compare to if you are writing on AdSense.

As per my research and I found some data on some reputed website that for such website CTR rate is up to 10%,which is very difficult to achieve.If you think from keyword point of view here the struggle is average and traffic is high.You can collect a plenty of information from Internet which is very easily available.For the success of your website you can your referral program.Or you can offer some genuine data entry work which is good to do the marketing of your website and along with that you can earn money from it.All goes hand in hand,one most important thing is I don't find any website on this topic is updating frequently it is remain as it as for years.But the back link of your competitor is very high.But as we know it may consider as link farming.

So if you update your website regularly by posting quality stuff and build quality back link.Its not difficult task to come on first page even though the competition is moderate for such niche.
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