Seems to be very basic.A lot of people visiting the blog with the intention to earn money online.They don't have concern about which method they apply Google AdSense,Chitika Ads,Data entry work etc.Any how they want to earn something extra.Obviously they don't know about this program of Google.These people inspired me to write a article in a very easy language so that they can grasp.

Google have 2 revenue creating program AdSense and Adword.Now second one is Adword - it helps those people who want to advertise and want their product successful.Product may be anything-to collect online donation,to increase online sales,to book ticket,customer for hotel etc.They pay some money to Google and in return  Google give space on AdSense publisher website or on there search engine.

AdSense publisher are webmaster or blogger.If you have a website or blog with good content,you can be AdSense publisher.Say,if your site is about pet dog,you write there about pet dog covering their food,training,biscuits and lot more.If you want to be AdSense publisher submit your website for review.Once you got approval from Google.You become a authorize publisher of Google for there product AdSense.

Now how you earn? One you become publisher.Google place advertisement of AdWord advertiser on your website or blog.When some one click on their ad,you get paid.Here all three are benefited Google, Advertiser and AdSense Publisher.If Google is charging 1$ per click from advertiser then give 0.68$ to you and keep rest with them.The more click you get more money you can generate.You may have more than one website
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