Link Farming-Your Competitor-AdSense Earning Reduced

We are in this changing world.Every aspect of your day to day life is changing.New technology is coming,along with new technology new threats are there.So to fight threats,technology updated.Same principal is applied on this Internet world.

All Internet entrepreneur are always try to improve there rank in search engine,specifically in Google.Because right now it is ruling the Internet industry.By hook or crook people want to come on first of search engine.By this increment in sales,AdSense earning,online donation and lot more.

To achieve this they make use of link farming.This may be new term for some people.When a huge number of links are coming from a one website or from group of website.Say my website is about Family Doctor and if back link of website is coming from only one website or from there group of website.This called as link farming.

To do this people make use of link posting software,where there is no matter about your website only back link is present.To solve this updated version of Penguin is there.It search for such website and penalize them by decreasing there rank in search engine.Sometimes such sites are permanently remove from search engine result.Everyone know that search engine is giving important to quality back link,when link present on there same type of website-rank increases.Most of the people giving stress on just posting a link,without giving much important to quality of content on there website.Sometimes link posted are manually,but there quantity is very high.They also get penalized by search engine.

To overcome this,just give importance to quality of content,direct traffic,post only 10 to 15 link on website of your niche or forum.Post your article in article forum.Careful about your competitor.He can drop your sale,it can be reduce to half it is totally related to Internet.Because any one can post a link of your website.If you found such link on any website or forum,you may complaint to admin of that website.

Friends if you stick to ethics,you never have to face the problem of such update.
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