How to Add Pages to Your AdSense Blog?

A lot of new blogger struggling  to add pages like About Us,Home,Contact Us etc. to their blog.Because it gives look like website.For new blogger website is a great thing.Once you get familiar with the use of blogger,then its a very easy task.

Now step by process to add pages.

Step 1 :- When you Login to your blogger account.We see a image one.As shown drop down menu go to pages.
                                                           ( Ad Page Image I)

Step 2 :- After click on pages we see there image 2 as shown.Click on new page drop down menu.And click on blank page.
                                                          ( Ad Page Image II)

Step 3 :- After clicking on blank page.We see a image 3.It is very familiar to us,since it is just like our normal article posting.Give page title and whatever you want to write.Say,if you want to add a page contact us,give page title Contact Us and write your address there or write whatever you like

                                                                 ( Ad Page Image III)

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