High bounce rate-low cpc

One of the most affecting factor to cost per click is the bounce rate.First it is important to know what is bounce rate? When someone visit our website.He may stay there or just move on,because of any reason.If someone visit our website and stay there.He visit other pages,read the content.And finally he get more interested and click on Google ad.In such situation out cpc is high.

What Google AdSense has concept in mind that,visitor getting the most relevant content to there search.And subsequently they increases cpc.And opposite is the case when someone just visited the site and move on.In such hurry situation.and it is continuously happened with out blog.Then it affects the cpc,it lowers.

Factors which affects the bounce rate:-
1). Content of website.
2). Interactive website.
3). How much you are capable to engage your visitor.
4). Try to present something new which is not present in other website.
5). Visitor should think they will miss something if they not read content.
6). Try to cover wide variety of topic.
7). Be master in your niche.

Above are the most important factors which directly or indirectly affects the cpc.
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