Google Adsense Referral Program

It seems like MLM.But it don't have any connection with the marketing.Google is a very reputed company,no one will say it is cheating the people(there is exception to every rule).As other reputed company has there referral program, Google also started with the intention in mind to increase its user.

Just place a Google referral button on your website.When someone click on it and sign up.That's not all you get paid only when he earn 100$ from Google.Now you are eligible for payment its 100$.Some publisher get massive success in it.To earn 100$ from Google is just to crack the nutshell.Most of the publisher are ignoring this.

Payment criteria change,when someone sign up from your referral and earn 5$ in first 180 days,you get paid 5$.But any how if he managed to earn 100$ in the same time period.You got a bonus of 250$.That's not all if 25 publisher that you refer earn 100$.Then you get a bonus of 2000$.Isn't amazing.

It is something additional apart from your contextual ad income.It is extra butter on bread.But the problem is if my website is regarding car care.Those who follow my website don't have there own website.So even they sign up,they have to walk a lot to earn,starting from domain name registration,designing website, optimizing it by adding quality content.

I never try this but you may try!!!

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