The Future Of Indian Blogger in world of Google Adsense

A lot of new blogger are entering in the world of BLOG.Each one have their own intention to write on blog.People write about topic like latest digital technology,online money,social issues,cars,health and lot more.But those who update their blog regularly have the same intention in there mind i.e. to earn money from Internet.Best online available program is Google AdSense.

India is also playing a very large contribution in the blog industry,if you think world wide.But when think about money.They are not earning that much good money.In India only few people are earning good money,those name we can count on the tip of finger.Few of them are Amit Agarwal,Amit Bhavani,Rohit Landge,Asav Patel.A lot of other names are there but the average income of all the Indian blogger is not more than 50$.Its very rare to find a person who try to earn money from Google AdSense in India.In the Indian villages people don't know about AdSense.

Exactly reverse is the situation is in U.S.,U.K,Canada.They people are tech savvy.Its very easy to find a person who is earning 1000$ pm. in Europe.I personally visited a lot of AdSense Forum,SEO Forum where all the registered members are from Europe and other develop countries.

Why the Asian countries like India,Pakistan,Srilanka,Bhutan,China, Afghanistan are behind.Because Asian people are not good in English.Major search engine does not respond to regional language.It knows English and few other European language.To increase share of India,those who are earning good money should teach other how to increase there Internet money.
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