Increase-adsenseearnings by Correct domain

Before earning a dime from Google AdSense.Its very important to have a clear about choosing domain name as per your niche.In hurry,new webmaster does not take this step seriously.If you are serious about AdSense earning then its important to do sufficient research before starting this online business.

Correct start is as good as winning a half battle.Most of the new webmaster choose very popular keyword and expecting good money in very short span of time.It never happen,because when the keyword is very popular.A lot of people trying which result in increasing competition.Keyword should be good in popularity having very high search but less competition.Only to complete this step few days of research needed.

KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOL.Google AdWords traffic estimator help us a lot to know the popularity,local and global number of search,competition.We will take a example of few popular keyword.

As we can see in above image that for adsense guide keyword global monthly search is 2400.Initially its good to work on this keyword.
For adsense earning keyword global monthly search is 12,100 with medium competition.It gves you more money as compare to previous.
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