To generate adSense money, don't buy E-book - Adsense Guide For U

"Copy this 12 line of code and generate 10000$ a month"

I purchase this course from Mr.XXX and in first 15 days I earned 400$ and it is increasing daily

When I first saw such advertisement on Internet.I was very excited,at that time I am very much new in the field of google AdSense.I think these people are master and they do some magic.When I do well research I got aware of their scam.

Don't get me wrong some E-book give very good literature about google AdSense.If you follow them really you can make good money.But it is not a nightmare task which some E-book promise.Some books promises that make something 30000$ in just 90 days.Just totally impossible.

No E-book about google AdSense can give you that much money.Its a output of your consistent hard work in right direction.If you follow the instruction of good E-book like "What Google Never Told You About Making Money With AdSense" - By Joel Comm

Such books of great AdSense earner can guide you to make good money.But your work is the primary potential.Don't spend your hard earned money on such false promising E-book.                    
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