Before proceeding further,its very important to know what is SEO CONSULTANT? and Why we need him?.Since every person first search in the search engine and then visit the website.People visit those website which they found on the first page of search engine.And obiviousely it hammers the online business.Sales decreases,Donation reduce,popularity decreases and a lot happen because of this SEO.Even though you are best in the offline world,but in this century of internet.It matters where your site comes for particular keyword.

But a person a who has Shoe company,don't know about SEO,its not his fault his work is not related to internet.To expand his business he must learn Internet and SEO.But he don't have time to that.So he hire someone else who know this.The person who is optimizing your website is SEO CONSULTANT.To work as a SEO Consultant,there is no professional training.If you know what they actually do then anyone can do this.But he should have sufficient time to do that.

Forums :- Since your website is related to adsense.Whatever you write is related to google adsense.While ranking any website,any search engine have algorithm.It search for back link.If your link is present in those forums which is related to your website.Search engine give high rank to those website.If link is inside another word then importance differ.1 link on related forums is equivalent to 10 link on other site.

Some forums accept article.They have very strict norms to accept the article.But SEO Consultant are export in writing good article.Thy post your website link in article forum.Again your rank boost up.They do this several times until your site rank high for particular keyword.
For this work they charge you some thing 200$.

Web Directory Submission :- Apart from article forum search engine also give important to web directories.If search engine find your site there with matching description to your keyword.Again importance of your website increases.

SEO Consultant ask to do following changes in your website :-

1). Submit sitemap of your website.
2). To change the html code (it should be search engine friendly)
3). Site authority.
4). There should not be any broken link.
5). Labels and tags should be related to keyword.
6). Proper keyword dencity.

And lot more if you have a time to do all these then there is no need of SEO CONSULTANT
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