If you ask a question to any SEO export,How to optimize you website? Each one have different answer.Each seo export has their unique strategy for website optimization
No one surely give you the key of SEO.It's not their mistake,but the algorithm of search engine is changed every now and then.Each search engine has different algorithm.Google have some different criteria as compare to Yahoo! and Bing.

Every search engine always give preference to unique article which is useful and not found in other website.

MY SEO PLAN :-  My plan of website optimization is same as the working of search engine.
I always follow the  search engine algorithm and as per that I decide my strategy  of search engine optimization and increase my Google adsense earning.
I present before you the working of major search engine.If you go through it carefully,you not only get my seo plan but you discover your own new strategy of seo.


  Google has their own way to decide the rank of your website   on search engine.It basically take reference from quality and quantity of incoming and outgoing links.

Google has awarding method to website.The scale is in between 0 to 10.Vote 10 is most desirable and 0 is the worst one.There is much difference between each vote like 1 to 2 and 2 to 3.There is a huge gap in between them.

Now webmaster aware that to get high page rank in search engine internal linking, back linking is playing a vital role.By this the business of link building come in existence.To overcome this,search engine again modify their algorithm.It give importance,if linking is from related type content.Link from content related content deficient website is of no importance.If you have higher vote then definitely you have higher page rank.

                                             HOW THE BING SEARCH ENGINE WORKS ????

Bing is a fastly developing search engine.And up to the certain extent giving  competition to Google.Some people will say it "Google killer".It makes 30% growth in the market of search engine.

If your website getting first page rank in Google then it is not compulsory that it will get same rank in Yahoo! and Bing.Bing is very good in image and video search,its presentation is better than Google.

                                             HOW YAHOO! SEARCH ENGINE  WORKS ????

It is the oldest and most popular search engine of its time.It was ruling the internet industry when google was in baby stage.Now Yahoo! is on no #3 after Google and YOU TUBE.

Since Yahoo! is powered by bing most of the seo export concentrate on bing not on yahoo.Yahoo! always give more importance to rich image and multimedia site.

Each SEO export and adsense account holder should also think of Yahoo! to increase his adsense earnings.
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