Only good website can give a good adsense income.A lot of people try to build a good site which should give a permanent way of income from Google AdSense.But they don't know how to build website which should be search engine that it should easy to optimize.

Before take first step to build a website in your niche.You know very well that you are good in which thing.So that you can provide quality stuff to website visitor.Do a proper keyword research.Chose those keyword in your domain name which should be high traffic and low competition.Here you can make use of Google Adword   Free Traffic Estimator .

Once you think of keyword of your niche.Grab it from are other also like .

Now real work of site building start.Here is the challenge to your creativity.Now design a site in such a way that which suits to topic of website.If you don't have much knowledge of it,hire some one else.If you are really serious about adsense earning.Don't think about money which you have to pay now.You may take help yahoo site builder program. .But you have to submit the site after its completion.

Now its time to add soul to the body.Add some good quality content in to the site.Take a time for this,because this will decide the quality of your website.Do some SEO work.Now apply for google adsense.Wait till you get the approval.Once you get the approval add the google ad code to your site.Ad should be placed in such a way that it should look like a part of it.When some one click on it you get paid.Your earning from website started.
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