How to Avoid Invalid Clicks - Adsense Guide For U

Day by day AdSense is getting more and more popular.People are also earning good money.But this flow of earning good money may stop because of invalid click in your google adsense website.

In such situation people ask in a lot of discussion forum and social website.How to avoid invalid click ? I personally did a research and gather good information from google.There is Q and A release from google about invalid clicks.Following is the link.

Q & A about Invalid Clicks

Feel free to ask question about invalid clicks to google

Actually it is very difficult to control the user visiting to your website.There are a lot of reason to get invalid clicks to your website.And one of the reason is those website who provide a traffic to your website.They provide you a paid service.To give the result instead of giving good organic traffic they send artificial traffic.By this you get a traffic but that is not real.Google tracks such website having adsense account and suspend it.(We are not declaring the name of those website).

To know more about the invalid clicks :-

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Save your adsense account from invalid clicks

Advanced guide to avoid invalid clicks

Stop Invalid Clicks

Save your account from invalid clicks

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