Good domain name to your site increases the chance of success in google adsense - Adsense Guide For U

Giving good name to your site is winning a half battle of Google AdSense.Good name does not meant that name which sound good but it should be popular keyword.Adsense Guide,Adsense secrete,online money,best adsense guide,ebay etc are the some of the popular keyword.Your effort is to take these keyword and use it in your domain name as it is.

If you can do this then its very easy to get organic  traffic (traffic coming from search engine).But you have to manage to come on first page of google,yahoo,msn etc search engine.Some times your favourate domain name is not available you can try different combination like .biz , .org etc.

First you should a buy a domain name from website like .Then hire a good hosting service from website like

There are some companies which keep good domain name with them.You can buy from them it will cost you from 20$ to 50000 $.

Friends once you get good domain name  and optimized it.If you can manage to come on first page of any major search engine.Then money from organic traffic flood your account by money.Do effort to grab good domain name. 
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