Don't Suffer From Adsense Fever - Adsense Guide For U

When join great revenue generating program.Each one has a lot of dreams about AdSense earning.But the reality is far away from imagination.
The person who earn very good money is Mr.Markus Frind.His earnings is in the range of 800,000$

to 900,000$ per month, and increasing.You also can earn that much.But your website should have that much potential.

Most of the people just interesting in opening their AdSense account and very eager to see how much they have earned on today.Some peoples do this 50 to 60 times a day.This is called as AdSense Fever.

Instead of wasting a time in doing all these useless things,AdSense account holder should concentrating on content of website.This is the only way of success.Don't run after AdSense money,money will definitely come to you account.By reading others website,forum you acquired a good knowledge and it will help you to write quality content.

Following are some realities regarding Google AdSense :-

1). 55% people are suffering from AdSense fever,they need treatment to recover from it.
2). Most of site have 0.65 CTR.
3). The average cost per click .40$.
4). Only 20% people are earning good money from AdSense.

Following are ways to increase your AdSense earning and recover from AdSense fever :-

1). Weekly one or two time open your AdSense account.
2). Don't get panic if visitors are less or there is no earnings.
3). Read articles from various forum to increase knowledge.
4). Work daily on google AdSense at least 1hr daily.
5). Try to write some good article by reading and referring others article.
6). Place ad in such a way they look like a part of your website.
7). Don't expect very much in a short span of 1 or 2 months."FIRST DESERVE AND THEN DESIRE".
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