8 ways to increase traffic to your adsense blog - Adsense Guide For U

To gain success in google AdSense,you have to try differently.You should one step ahead of your competitor.You have to do everything whatever the available resources to bring traffic to your website.Not only the available sources but you have to create such resources.

Following are very popular and effective ways to increase traffic to your website.Increase 3 times traffic in just 2 months :-

1). Social Networking Sites :- Facebook,Twitter,Linkedin,MySpace,Tagged,Orkut,mylife,Badoo etc. and lot more are available.One thing needed i.e. skill to attract visitor to your web page.Very easily you can do this if you have a capability to write quality content.

2). Write Guest article :- Here you have to write for someone else site.Its always good to submit your article in someone else site.By this popularity of your site increases and its easy to build back link.

3). Free Classified Ad :- The is one of the free,fast and effective source to make your website popular.Visitor will view you advertisement and visit you website.Most of the search engine also give high rank to classified.Finally its also a good way to build back link.

4). Traffic Exchange :- This is fastly emerging way to increase traffic to your website,by sharing link with some other website.Here both are benefited.Before exchanging a link with any site take care other site will also be equally popular as your site.

5). Pay-Per-Click Marketing :- This most effective but paid method of getting traffic to your website.Google AdWords,Yahoo Search Marketing,MSN Ad center are the methods of paid advertising.

6). E-mail marketing :- First create a good news letter.Send it to your friends.Go on collecting e-mails.Once you make a good database of emails.Send e-mail and invite them on your site.E-mail them new added content to your site.

7). Blogging :- Blogger is the product of google.It is very easy to update so search engine like it and reward by giving higher position search engine result.Some blogger are earning in lac by just blogging through google AdSense.

8). Article Submission :- Submit your article as it is in various forum and directories.Like SEO forum,Char forum,AdSense Forum.Once your article is accepted in forum.Search engine give higher rank in their result.

Above are the very effective if you have the skill to use it properly.
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