Optimise yor blog to come on first page - adsense guide for u

In initial phase blogging,I am not aware of site optimization.so my blog is coming on page 60 of google.then step by step when I gather a sufficient knowledge about site optimization now it coming on page ten in a span of one month.I want to share the secrete with you all reader.And when i checked the latest status of my blog it is coming on 6th page.Feel great to see.
There are some simple steps of site optimization:-

1). Choose a popular domain name like adsense guide,data entry job,work from home,crazy cars,hair fall, online dating.Choose any topic on which you can write much.But try to include the popular keywords in your domain.
2). While writing a article don't stuff your keyword.But don't forget to use when it required.Your keyword percentage should be 1.5 to 2% of your article words.
3). Now adding pages to your site.If your site is about milk.Its very important to add some pages to your site like buy milk, sweet milk,milk products.And the content inside the page should be about the milk only.
4). Internal linking- From one when it takes you to other site or some other article of your own site it is called as internal linking.If it is directing to some other site of same type of your site then it added more important as compare to directing the other article of your own site.
5). Back link :- When from other site if you have a link taking to your own site then it is called as back link.PR2 to PR7 site are best to build back link.Try to submit the article to seo forum,web forum or any other discussion forum in the same category related to your site.Search engine gives more important to such sites.
6). Advertise about your site in classified site like clickindia,vivastreet,dragg.in are the best classified site.For free classified site you got thousands of free classified  site.

If you simply follow above free steps then its very easy to come on first page of google.But time and dedication require.If you have any query regarding this mail your query at internetbizforall@gmail.com 
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