How to earn 100$ per day from google adsense - Adsense guide for u

In my initial days with google adsense my daily earning was very loss actually its uncountable.Its in the range of .09 to 2 $ per month.I was very much upset.I was just on the range of leaving google adsense.But my strong desire to earn money from internet hold me on.

I started to read books and other popular website.Along with all these I read e-book What Google Never Told You About Making Money With AdSense - By joel comm Comm.This Book is amazing it gives us every type of guidance from basic to export level.I also read books on SEO.And in this period i gather sufficient knowledge about google adsense.

Now I am in a mood to share some knowledge with you.Friends this knowledge unique because no one uncover hard earn knowledge at free of cost.But I do if you earn some money by reading this article my aim of writing this article will fulfilled.

Okay!!! Let's come to the point.Now I consider you have a AdSense account approved by google.Now you have to choose a domain name which should be very popular.say AdSense Guide,Online Money,Racing Cars,Baby Toys,Indian Cooking etc.If you have a popular domain name its very easy to gather organic traffic (coming from search engines).

Now start writing good articles if you can or if you cant hire some one who can write good articles.You can get  articles from free article website.Make a website of 500 pages instead of making small website of 10 to 20 pages.Your article should be with high internal linking.

Along with internal linking its very important to have back link.For that always post ad to classified ad website.Submit your site to search engine not 1 or 2 but more 100 local search engine.Submit your site to web directories.Submit article of website to various forum.All these brings you traffic to your website.

Day by day traffic to your website increases and ultimately your adsense.Try above tips and I am very sure you can make 100$ per day.BEST OF LUCK!!!!!

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