If you ask a question How to optimize a site? You got a different answers.Because each have their own seo strategy.But what they have in commen is backlinks.Yes, there is huge importance of backlinks to increase you adsense income.

Those who are new in the field of internetmoney,they don't know what is backlink?And for who has a good knowledge of seo it is the basic.

Backlinks are those links which are present on other website and directs visitor to your website if some one click on it.It is the very simplest definition of backlink.Spider consider the number of backlink to decide the rank of your website.Of course keyword is also playing a vital role in it.I will write about importance of keyword in some another article.Now to increase their ranking peoples try to build as much as they can.But google spider does not give much importance to such hoops of link which are most of the time done by some software.If someone wants to increase you site rank you need a quality backlinks.

How to Build a "Quality Backlink" ?
Let us say if your website is about google adsense.and your backlink is on racing car website.Then its not consider as a quality link.Its very important to have it on that website which is related to your website.The data which you write to describe about your site should be very precise and high quality.This is the latest trick to increase the rank of your website.

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