Back link building is the best way to increase your search engine ranking and ultimately results in increase in higher ranks.This will result in more visitors--higher ctr--more AdSense income.

It's very important to build quality link.If your site link present on good site your search engine rank will increase and on poor site will decrease your ranking.The best way to place a link is to post it on forums.It is not like a exchange program.You post your link and they will not keep their link on your site.Its very important to visit the forum,post the article,comment on others article and post your link regularly. Google spider give more important to forums as compare to free classified ads.Side by side keep on posting your link on SEO forums.

While doing back link building for your website don't ignore the blog. Normally people think that blog is the place where we read if we like the content.But here you allow to comment.If the blog is of same type it will result in quality link building.

There are some good seo blogs are :- Here you can post your link very easily.There are hoops of sites which allow you to leave your link if they get quality content for their site.And by this way both are benefited.

There is no need to write new content for forums,when you write for your blog submit your blog post to article site.One of the way to build back link is link exchange.If you know someone who have the website,then you can exchange a link with this there is increase in no. of visitors.

If you have a good money with you then you can buy link.Adzaar AdBrite LinkAdage are the sites which charge a fee for building a link to you.

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