Overall number of visitor to your site matters.equation is very simple and easy to understand
More visitor----More Page impression----More clicks--------BOOM increase in adsense money
How to bring more visitor to your site? How you find anything on internet?you write those word in search engine box and click on it,even you know the name of site you prefer to go through the search engine.If your site is on first number or on first page,then you win the war.
Following are the simple steps which can optimized your site :-
1). Regularly post 3 to 4 new and genuine article :- More you have data on your site your ranking will improved.
2). Post at least 10 ads in free classified. :- If you have more back link to your site search engine give more vote to those site.
3). Keyword density :- If your site is about google adsense,you should include sufficient number of popular keyword on your site.Because search engine will know this and your site rank high.
4). Internal links :- On your site you should have sufficient amount of internal link
If you try above tips your search engine rank will improved drastically. 
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