To generate cash from say Google Adsense or any other PPL program.Its very important to have a through knowledge of your product what you are selling.And above all knowledge of search engine optimization is needed.This is the way by which you can push your site on the first page of any search engine.
Web spider or Web crawler are the software which search the best suited data for search and present you in a fraction of second.By this we come to know the importance of web spider.
But when you write a same keyword in different search engine eg. google,yahoo,altvista etc. different result will come.Because web spider of different search work in different way.
Now, How the web crawler work.and how to write web crawler friendly article.When you write any keyword in a search box.Spiders search that particular word in all the web pages,website whatever the data present on internet.Web spiders follow the following criteria to rank your web page.
1). Search key word density (If some one write same word so many times to increase the density,spider treat it as spam ignore it).
2). The title of different pages on the web site.
3). The connection of these pages with each other.
4). Now a days web crawler search for unique and genuine data.
5). The back link of your website to other website eg. link on classified ad site,free article site.
6). Web spider first try to give the first preference to most popular web pages.
7). Web crawler give more importance to most updated pages.
To explain the above I will give the example.If your website is on chocolate.Then it become a major key word.When someone search for chocolate.Web spider search for those pages having chocolate word with high density word.After that they search for sweet chocolate,salty chocolate,gelly chocolate,buy chocolate, rectangular chocolate.Means all the combination with the word chocolate.After that they search most popular site having world chocolate.This is the normal algorithmic followed by most of the search engine spider.If you implement such criteria to your website or blog.Definitely your page ranking will high.

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