I personally got a lot of comment that publisher are not getting sufficient ctr.And most important thing in google adsense is click on ads.If you are not getting click then google adsense is not for making money online but it is for online free social service i.e. service of google.
There are certain tips by which you can increase ctr:-
1). Adsense ad should look like part of your website.
2). It should be ad but should not look like ad.
3). Block all those ads (from your adsense account) which are not relevant to content.
     e.g. :- If you are running a site related to online money making and ads on your site is related to dating then
               definitely ctr will be less.
4). Don't give much preference to banner because reader just ignore that.
6). Always try new combination with your ads to check which give you bets result.
7). More visitor will give you good ctr as compare to less visitor.

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