If we consider about India only then there are very few blogger which can be counted on the tip of finger.Since only 2% population are actively using the internet.Since the scope for growth is very high.The meaning of six figure blogger is very simple if any blogger is earning more than 100000 rupees. per month.Then he will be consider as six figure blogger.Amit Agarwal , Rohit Landge from Nagpur, amit bhavani these are few six figure blogger.Is it possible to be six figure blogger in just a short span of six month? Yes it is or no not at all.Let's have a look on positive side how we can.What is the basic of that - Through and profound knowledge of internet and html.Unique writing capacity.Good knowledge of SEO.We need daily more that 20000 visitor in our blog.To bring that much visitor what we need from SEO point of view good combination of keyword,inbound links (back links),quality content,communication with visitor can bring that much visitor.The best way to create backlink is to post classified ads and to submit the site in all major and minor search engine.At least more than 10000 back links working for us and that can be created manually only.For that you have to post at least 100 links.To support these link and to retain visitor you should write at least 10 to 12 article.If you got say 1000 visitor in the first month and you earn say 50$.Then you work harder and when you got a cheque from adsense you continue it.The success of adsense depends in first six months.You can hire someone else to post that much back links.
You can't earn more than 100000 pm by part time blogger you should be full time and very much professional.Then why not try,i am also trying.BEST OF LUCK!!!!!
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