How anyone can increase his business,weather its offline world or online world.In the offline world take the example of retailing shop,fruit market,shopping mall.Pick anything,the most affecting factor is the visitor or client coming to your shop.Same principle is applicable to online world also.For a moment think of any online business Google adsense program, affiliate marketing,online selling etc.The soul of all is the visitor coming to our site or that site where you want to take him.In a business of google adsense its not end here.Here we have to bring them,retain them and increase them to become successful in google adsense.All of us know this but how of you take a sincere effort to bring the new visitor to your site.Again i want to remind you google adsense is not a game of one night or make money fast scheme.Here you have to give some time (actually not some but much more time initially).There are different methods of bringing visitor to your website.First uncover the secrete of bringing visitor.Whatever you writing is of not only good quality but it should be better as compare the  other adsense publisher.If we write good,people will read it.Its not enough to write just good cover that topic where our competitor are not covering.Initially to know you are on the Internet people should know it.There are simple steps to tell people that you are on internet.Post classified ads as much as you can on different free classified website,submit your site to all major search engine like in google webmaster tool,Submit at least 2 to3 articles daily covering the topic in detail.Try to submit the article in free article website and put your link there, it will help you to increase your search engine ranking.Now a days search engine spiders are considering the back link to your site.Try to exchange the link with your friends website it will helpful to both.If possible go for paid advertising in a good well establish website like google or all these methods definitely visitor to your site increases.And here you win 50% of battle but not the war.
Now about retaining the visitors,once someone visited your site, make use of feel good factor i.e. proper use of colours,correct font,image positioning at proper place so that visitor feel good to see.Try to make a connection with the visitor.By giving some free service to his like you can we will help you to solve the issues regarding google adsense and not only promise but you help him to solve him.Ask him to submit his mail,so that you can contact him to solve his query.If you help your 10 visitor they will bring 100 visitor.And they become permanent visitor.Don't be relax! its very important to make changes to your website as per the convenient of visitor.Try some new colour combination. Every time try to give some new which is not present on other site.If you do only this you will never loose your visitor to you site.
Now about increasing visitor,all the above matter is helpful in increasing visitor also.Cover that new which is not cover up till now in your site.When some search about that topic in search engine they will found your site.But the topic covering should be in a new and covering manner.
All the above guidelines are used by me,By this my adsense income increase 3 times.

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