Its not that much difficult to join any ppc program like google AdSense.But its much more difficult to generate some good money out of it.Reason may be anything but not seriousness about AdSense is the common reason.And expecting cheque from google without doing much work.This happens because people don't know what exactly they have to do to bring traffic to their website.There are only 3 steps which one should do regularly to earn good money from AdSense.
Step I :- Post at least 5 ads about your blog in free classified website.
Step II :- Ads which you have posted will expired after some days then re post those ads again.By this google ranking of your website increases.
StepIII :- Updation your blog every now and then
Above are the easiest and any one can do no need to have a knowledge of html.I personally use these steps successfully and suggested to those whom i know personally.TRY THIS!
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