Read any leading news paper and type a keyword data entry job huge amount of result comes.When I compare adsense and data entry job I found Google Adsense is much more better,sophisticated and brainy work.What the most of website offer about data entry work is scam.First they ask you for registration fees and give you job to post ads of thier own website, within a span of month you get bored.And all your money lost.
In case of adsense you have write daily 2 to 3 article daily.Some times it will not pay as per your expectation but joy of publishing is great and to seek that joy you work hard.And this hard work always pay.
And most important thing is that google will never ask for money to join adsense.Most of the blogger like Amit Bhavani,Amit Agarwal,Asav Patel are earning 6 figure income google adsense.
Instead wasting your money and time in useless data entry work try google adsense,its great!

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