More than 10 crore people are adsense account holder.Some of them (few lac) are earning good income.Good income means really good income more than INR 100000.But other are not as successful as them or they are earning very less.
Now we will turn to those who are not successful in Google adsense.Why they are not successful? They do everything They make a website or blog.They also try to make their adsense blog or website popular by their method.The success of adsense lies in website traffic to your domain.There are simple and effective method to increase traffic to our website /blog.
1). Look and Feel Factor :- Your blog should not only good but it should look good.All colour combination,links and images should be properly arranged.Take a example of any popular blog.It is not that much important from SEO point of view but very important to make visitor to again.
2). Up to date and creative :- You should be creative as a professional blogger.Its very important to present something new to visitor.And up to date in the sense it should be present everywhere i.e. on facebook,on classified advertisement,google webmaster tool,listed in all major search engines.
3). Daily new posting to blog (Blog updating) :- For a new blogger its compulsory to post 5 to 6 genuine articles daily.By this your blog come in focus of major search engines.Articles should not be copied from any other website,book etc.Its against the google adsense policy.If you are not capable writing a new article on daily basis.First learn do the research,read all available website or blog.Then create your own openion,And by your own write something new.
4). Ad posting in Free Classified :- This is old method but very effective even now.Post 5 to 10 ads of your blog to different classified website.In a month post at least 500 ads.Its very important to post it on different website.Re post your ad again because search engine give higher ranking to old advertisement.
5). Present everywhere :- Its important to present everywhere like one facebook,yahoo answer,twitter.If possible put small paid ad about your blog.
6). Email marketing :- Collect as much as mail as you can.and invite them to visit to your blog.They visit and read.And if they found useful they visit again.More and more page reviews increase your search engine ranking.
7). Personal touch and personal touch to visitor :- Always try to give your personal touch to your blog.It should reflect you.Post a photograph if you can.Send a mail to you visitor and the question of your visitor.More you give service they will attached to your blog.This attachment give you repeated traffic.And this last point boost up you traffic.

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