Google adsense is a amazing program of google.Here you can earn good income.But one thing needed that is dedication.Some people ask me, how much deidcation? My answer is if you are new to adsense then 4hrs daily.It includes a lot of task, that you have to decide.Because of google adsense those ladies who haven't earn a single dime in their life are now earning more than Rs.50000 pm.When I was new to adsense I have a lot of questions in minds and I have to struggle to get answer of small questions.
Now you may say that this article is about housewife can do great in adsense.Yes, housewife can do better in adsense as compare to husbands and reason is,time.They have a ample amount of time that they can give to adsense.If you have system (computer) in home then great.She can write anytime. and exact opposite with male.They have to go to office and handled the task outside.But housewife can do it easily but one thing needed that is interest.
One of  my known lady is doing very good in adsense her last earning was more than 30k,its great.If housewife have kids then she can mould their mind to earn good money from adsense.We learned for more than 20yr. to have a job of few thousands here our small kind just work for 2 year for adsense.Then definately he can earn more than 100000 pm. Please don't draw conclusion that study is not important.Yes it is also important,much more important.
Uptill now I trained more 50 adsense earner some are students.But most of them are housewife.If you have adsense account then that's all.Put your effort definitely you earn good income.

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