To copy content from any one else site use it as our own is biggest crime in case of adsense.This act is treated very seriously by Google Adsense.In most of the cases google terminate the account.All your earning will be lost.
Google adsense new publisher did this mistake.They knows all this but even though do the mistake.Reason is very simple,thinking google will not aware of your blog/site activity.But friends Google adsense detective is always there to catch you red handed..But we can solve this problem very easily.You can post daily 2 to 3 articles to your blog daily which is needed to earn good income from google adsense.There are mainly 2 methods to provide good quality content to your website :-
1). Write your own :- You can write your content for your blog/website.First think what is the type of your website? Is it parenting type? Is it about internet money?.What is main source of visitor.What will attract them more.Now start reading about the related topics of website.Real all the website which is same type.Read all the free articles which is very easily available.Now you have a profound knowledge.Start writing,whatever you write it should be correct and useful to visitor following the basic rules of adsense .By practicing this very soon you can write good content to your website.
2). Content of other people :- I am not asking you to copy the content from others website.There are thousands of people they are ready to give their content at free of cost.Only they want to publish their content,it should be readers.More and more readers read and its their satisfaction.Some waebsite provide you good quality content.a).  Here you will get a more 30,000 articles.Check the categories and find the topic related to your adsense site. b). Here you get a wide range of categories covering wide range and more than 50,000 quality articles. c). This site is very popular.
Before using the content of these or any other site which you find by searching in a search engine,follow the rules and regulation of site.The author of article want their name display with article.Some times website also want to display the name of their site.Such articles are the property of author even though it is published on your site, so don't forget to give respect and credit to author.
3). Appoint Content Writer :- You can appoint a content writer to your website or purchase a content of good content writer

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