India is a developing country in case of adsense earning. Very slowly peoples are knowing about GOOGLE ADSENSE.Even in such conditions some people are earning good income from google adsense.And few are earning huge. Following is the list of India’s top 10 adsense earner.

1). Mr. Amit Agarwal
About him: - Mr. Amit Agarwal is a Google adsense highest earner from India.He is a computer engineer from IIT.Initially he works in some companies, but since from 2004 he is doing only blogging. He is doing it professionally. He trained thousands of new blogger.
As per his views who want to earn good money from adsense, should post 5 to 7 genuine article daily for a year.
His most probable income: - $40000/- = 40000x45= Rs.1800000/- p.m.
His website:-
He writes about new software,hi-tech gadgets & Internet tools
2). Mr. Amit Bhawani
About him: - He start blogging in 2007.He writes about health,career and technical blog. He is very export in SEO.Now he has his own SEO software company in Hyderabad.
His most probable income: - 20000$=20000X45=Rs.900000 p.m.
His website: -
3). Mr. Harsh Agarwal
About him: - He is a crazy blogger.since from 6yrs he is blogging.For the sake of blogging he left his job. He was working with Convergys. One of the well known software company. In his blog he covers the topic like blogging, tips to earn online money, worldpress.
His most probable income: - $12000=12000x45=Rs.540000/- p.m.
His domain: -
4). Mr. Arun Prabhudesai
About him: - Since from 2007 he is blogging and very successful in a short span of 4yrs.He mostly write about latest business practice.In the blogging arena he is very popular.
His most probable income: - $10000=10000x45=Rs.450000/- p.m.
His domain: -
5). Mr. Jaspal Singh
About him: - He is a fast blogger.He is a B.E. from mechanical stream. He becomes very successful blogger in less than a year.
His most probable income: - $9000=9000X45=Rs.405000/- p.m.
His domain: -
6). Mr. Rohit Langde
About him: - He is from Raisoni college of enginnering.and earning very good income from blogging.
His most probable income: - $8000=8000x45=Rs.360000/- p.m.
His domain: -
7). Mr. Nirmal sir
About him: - His blog covers topic like freeware,Internet simple tips.By profession he is civil engineer.Now his full time work is blogging---blogging---blogging.
His most probable income: - $7000=7000X45=Rs.315000/- p.m.
His domain: -
8). Rahul Bansal
About him: - He is a technical blogger. His site covers about latest technical trends, web 2.0 etc..Now apart from adsense blogger he is a businessman too. He establishes his business on the basis of adsense money.
His most probable income:- $6000=6000x45=Rs.270000/- p.m.
His domain: -
9).Mr. Shrinivas Tamada
About him: - He is a programmer and in his blogs he mostly writes about programming. He is earning good money from google Adsense without spending a single penny for domain registration or web hosting services.
His most probable income: - $5000=5000X45=Rs. 225000/- p.m.
His domain: -
10). Mr. Honey Singh
About Him: - He is a professional and blogging since form a 3yrs.In his blogs he covers a technical things. He has his own company naming Mediaredefined

All above are the top earners of adsense from India, by doing a research I collected the above data. It is an inspiration to a new Blogger.

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