How to get Railway reservation in vacation like Diwali

There are mainly 4 ways to travel
1). Railway 2). S.T. Bus 3).Private Travels 4). Air Plane
Railway is the most popular way to travel, and everyone wants to travel l by railway only.OK but problem arises when there is festival like Diwali, Dasara, there is seriously ticket shortage. When there is unavailability of ticket you mostly contact agent but he is also helpless.
Now there is only one way open that is TATKAL.Now you may think that what I am new thing telling to you. Yes its new I will tell you how let us say you want to travel from Pune to Chandrapur.If you go to Pune railway station before 3 days at 8 o'clock then 0% chance of getting a ticket because so long que is there. If you reach at railway station at 2 a.m. then you may get a ticket.
Now I will explain you a golden way to get railway ticket. In a journey to Pune to Chandrapur .Your hometown is Chandrapur which is not having a big and crowdy railway station so easy tell your friend from your hometown to have a ticket in TATKAL,and chances of getting ticket is 200%.
So moral of the story is find such railway station which is less crowd.Happy journey.

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