Doorway Pages or Hook Pages

Doorway Pages or Hook Pages is a old but still effective to increase your visibility of website on search engine. Some people may don’t have know the meaning of Doorway Pages or Hook pages,its very simple and effective.
Let us say you have a 1 website, where you have 10 different keys or buttons to navigate from your home page. And from each 10 different button, again 10 different product where a user can navigate from there.
Now, not only 1 your home page is working for you but 1000 doorway pages or hook pages working for you. But condition is that you have to submit the URL of each pages in search engine like Google,Yahoo,msn.Now if you submit your 1000 pages in these major search engine then 3000 pages is working for you.
Now the equation become:-
1 website X 10 buttons to navigate X each 10 button have 10 product i.e.1000 pages X you have submitted in 3 major search engine = 3000.
Try this, it’s very effective.

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