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Google AdSence is a fast and easy money making idea for website owner.Here Google put their ads on your website when someone clicks on it you get paid.
AdSense and AdWords are related.
Good content is the heart of AdSense.Producing quality content-rich sites is the only means of gaining the confidence and trust of the visitors that happen to visit your AdSense website.
So in response to the opening question, yes, money can be made using AdSense but all the ingredients have to be in place to make it work. Only the most persistent, organized and motivated Webmasters can put together a viable long term AdSense project.AdSense isn’t for some who is irregular.But that isn’t the whole story. Small, short, unplanned projects can make incredible amounts of AdSense revenue. But instances of this are extremely rare. Blogs (these are what these sites are called) can be put together quickly and cheaply (free on and reasonably priced with Typeword). Blogs are popular, but they are often only a temporary means of using AdSense. They are often posted to reflect ongoing activity (be it in entertainment, someone’s personal life or a developing technology) and so can only be of interest as long as they kept up to date.
But for those who are wary of taking on big, complex website projects blogs could be an alternative AdSense avenue

Google AdSense Rules
AdSense Rules of Content
Before you put your site together you have to make sure your website complies with AdSense policies. The policies state that your site cannot contain any of the following materials:
No pornography is allowed. Content of an adult or mature nature is forbidden.
No hacking or cracking material.
No excessive use of bad and offensive language.
Violent content, racially abusive material, or any content that instigates religious intolerance is prohibited.
Any content that promotes the use if illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia.
No gambling or casino type content is allowed.
The use of repetitive, irrelevant keywords in either code or content is forbidden.
Any content than can be deemed to illegal or promotes illegal activity and any content that infringes on the rights of others.
Copyright material is not allowed.
Sales or promotion of certain materials that include:
Weapons and ammunition
Alcohol of any sorts
Tobacco products of any variety
Prescription drugs
Replica goods

AdSense Rules of Conduct
After you have created a site that has been accepted by Google you have to be aware of the following AdSense rules of conduct to make sure you don’t fall foul of them in the future:
Encouraging visitors to click AdSense Ads are strictly forbidden. Do not attempt to do so in anyway.
Don’t attempt to confuse visitors by overlapping disguising or covering ads with images or text so that users are tricked or they cannot distinguish between content.
Participating or creating ‘click groups’ (sets of people that click each other’s Ads) is banned. Google have very clever means of detecting such groups.
Ads cannot be put on empty pages (pages with no content), pop-up pages, error pages, contact forms or registration pages.
You cannot use automated bots to boost the amount of clicks on your site.
Do not overpopulate your pages with Ads. Don’t display more than the maximum allowed by Google, which at the time of writing is: 3 ad unit, 1link unit, 2 search boxes and 2 referrals.
You shouldn’t have more than 1 AdSense account. All your sites can be registered under your sole AdSense account

AdSense Earnings:-
What are AdSense possible earnings per-click?
Earnings per-click vary markedly from one site to the next. On average a click could cost anything between $0.03 - $50.00, with most earnings per click been in the lower end of this range.
How much can you earn with AdSense?

Again this varies depending on a number of factors, these are:-
Search Engine Ranking (SER). The higher the ranking the more you get per-click per-ad.
Website topic and theme. The content and keywords of your site dictate the type of AdSense ads that Google allocates.
Traffic levels. This determines how many visitors passes through your site.
Number of AdSense ads relating to specific keywords.
The facts behind AdSense Earnings
So what levels of traffic is required to generate the average AdSense income? On average most AdSense sites have the following statistics:
Make $0.5 per click
Get approximately 1000 impressions per day.
And we know that most sites have about a 1% CTR value (Click-through-rates are basically calculated by dividing the number of clicks on ads by the number of impressions of a given site and dividing the resulting value by 100).
This then gives us a value of about ten clicks per day per site.
Earn $5.00 a day ($150.00 a month)
Not much returns for seemingly reasonable traffic levels and a value of $0.5 per click is slightly generous (the average value is a bit lower). Good AdSense sites on the other hand have statistics along these lines:
Earn $0.5 per click
Get approximately 10000 impressions per day (High SER’s 1-10 for popular keywords).
Have a CTR value of about 5%.
Altogether this results in about 500 clicks per day.
And $250.00 a day (~$7500.00 a month).
From this we can see that the major difference between the two sites is the level of traffic. Even with a CTR value of 1%, a good site with the above statistics can earn up to $50.00 a day (~$1500.00 per month), which is reasonable AdSense earnings. But not all is lost with average sites... If a webmaster is hardworking enough they could build up to ten average sized websites. If each earned the average amount of just $5.00 a day then ten, could altogether make more than $1500 a month.

Following are top earner of AdSence:-
Above sites are earning a good income

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